Influenster Uni Voxbox

I recently received the Uni VoxBox from Influenster, it contained the following items:

Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure in a Black and white polka dot design——-I dont know why Influenster insists on sending these horrible fake press on nails to grown women, I did try them. Not only did they not fit my nails correctly, even after trying several different sizes. My six year old niece loved them. 🙂

NYC Expert last lip color in Forever Fushchia—holy baby jesus this is a major bright color that i would NEVER wear. I refuse to even open the seal to try it. *shudder*

Pilot Acroball PureWhite pen in yellow–I really like this pen. the grip is comfortable. I used it while taking notes for a class. It writes very smooth.

Rimmel London Stay matte foundation in Light Ivory–I  have severely dry skin right now and this foundation did not help any. It’s a shine control formula which usually means it’s meant to dry out the oils on your face. not a good thing for me right now…maybe later this summer when my face turns into an oil slick.

Playtex Sport Fresh balance tampons–what can you say about tampons? they work? LOL

Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer in Black Tea–I gave this to my kids and they said they liked it so yay! But trying to get a 9 and 11 year old to review a product is impossible.


Overall this was a good voxbox with the exception of the press on nails and the NYC lipstick.