Blog Tour: Torn vol.3: Wicked Deeds Sinful Pleasures (Turbulent Desire Series) by Ericka Santana

 Blog Tour:

vol.3: Wicked Deeds Sinful Pleasures
(Possessive Alpha Male Billionaire BDSM)(Turbulent Desire Series)
by Ericka Santana
June 1st – June 10th




***WARNING*** Due to strong
language, and sexual situations, this series is not suitable for readers under the age of 18***
After succumbing to a night of pure enthrallment, with the beautiful, aspiring model Skylar Parker, young entrepreneur Jean Carlo DePandi, realizes he could
never get enough of her. His need for control dominates his life, and he’s not afraid to cross boundaries to keep her protected from his troubled past.The one nightstand clashes with Skylar long-buried desire for the driven and
dazzling entrepreneur Jean Carlo DePandi. She hoped one passionate night would
be enough to get him out of her system. She was wrong and when he proposes a
new relationship, Sky cannot resist. They start a sensual and alluring affair
and Sky learns more about her driving and demanding gorgeous Italian lovers

While JC moves sea, and land to prevent Sky from learning about the secret of
his mother that he is sure will shatter the heart. Sky struggles to make the
most important decision of her life as she envy’s an important woman in JC’s

Destined to be together, yet seemingly impossible, JC is determined to fight his
inner demons and the world itself if it’s needed to keep her.

Turbulent Desire Series

Deception vol.1

Obsession vol.2

Torn vol.3

Volume 4 Coming soon summer 2015




A petite, a pixie cut blonde
(for now) dressed in jeans and a San Diego “Hard Rock Couture”
t-shirt, Ericka Santana could pass as a teen on her way to the mall and not the
thirty-five year old woman that has seen tough times. As I catch a glimpse of
the small cross tattoo on her hand, Ericka tells us her story.
Ericka was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She was only a year old when
her father died. His passing left her mother to assume the role of both
parents. Her mother worked long, extensive hours to provide for her children.
She was strict and demanded respect. She was both mother and father and often
impatient with her children. Not understanding her mother’s situation, Ericka
grew to be afraid of her. But Ericka insists she had a happy childhood and
isn’t looking for sympathy.When Ericka was nine years old, she found a firecracker. And as any curious and
mischievous child would, Ericka found a way to light it. Thinking it was a
sparkler, she held the firecracker right in front of her face. The firecracker
exploded! The sound was so loud, she became dizzy. Afraid of what her mother
might do to her as punishment, Ericka kept her own secret. The vibrating sounds
of her footsteps sounded like canon booms in her head but she still kept her
secret. She would stick her head out the window of the moving car; hear the
wind whistle in one ear and not the other. But she still kept her secret. It
was a year before she saw a doctor for her hearing problems. She was finally
able to tell someone what had happened to her. The doctor discovered that her
right eardrum had completely ruptured and her left one was severely damaged.
Believing education would be easier to obtain for a slightly deaf girl in the
U.S., her mother sent her to live with her sister. Ericka enrolled in public
school and wore hearing aids throughout junior high. The hearing aids stopped
working for her by the time Ericka completed the 10th grade. Feeling out of
place and without any special needs support, she opted to drop out.

Ericka was eighteen when she became pregnant. Her passport had expired and
rather than risk getting stuck in Mexico, Ericka decided to stay in Texas. She
married her high school sweetheart, moved to Minnesota and had two more
children. Life in Minnesota was difficult on a single income and the family hit
hard times. After six years, she and her family moved back to South Texas.

We find ways of coping when life gets tough. Ericka chose to read books. She
has accumulated over two thousand digital books and has read every one. It was
through reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer that Ericka realized she
wanted to write. She knew she had a knack for storytelling. Able to recount a
story more than once and with the same precise detail, she started researching
what she needed to do to become a writer. Eventually she began taking notes on
the story she wanted to write. The plot and the characters started to flow.

Looking at Ericka, you would never know she is completely deaf or that she is
reading your lips. Reading her writings, all in English, you would never know
she only speaks Spanish. Ericka does not know sign language. She was never
given the opportunity so she never learned. But none of this affects her
spirit; it drives her dream.

Ericka currently works as a Sales Representative at Santana’s Wigs & Hair
Extensions. She is married to her high school sweetheart Alex and along with
their three children, resides in Brownsville, Texas. She is currently working
on the next volume of her series, Turbulent Desire Series, available early


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