COVER REVEAL: The Wife by S.P. Cervantes

Check out this gorgeous cover and excerpt for THE WIFE by S.P. Cervantes! 
Title: The Wife
Author: S.P. Cervantes
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary
Release date: August 18, 2015
Cover designed by: Indie-Spired
Book description:
The Wife.
The Mother.
The Truth.
The Wife. Alexa is drifting through life, trying to be the person she thinks she should be. She’s made a loving home for her family, but with each passing day, she watches her husband’s heart slip away, and feels more isolated and alone.
The Mother. Determined to keep her family together, Alexa submerges herself in her new business and begins to find her independence again. She takes every opportunity to show her husband the wonderful family they’ve built together, hoping to win back his heart.
The Truth. When a ghost from her past enters Alexa’s life in the most unexpected way, she’ s left questioning everything she believes. Lies will be told and secrets will be unveiled, leaving Alexa fighting for her life.
The End. There’s no way for Alexa to know what’s awaiting her.
Before my thoughts become sucked back down into the tunnel of despair that has taken over far too often, I focus my attention at the calming scene before me. I watch as a flock of white-tailed kites swoop gracefully over the grand oaks lining the majestic golf course below, wondering how they’re all able to move in perfect unison with each other without any sort of communication. It makes me think how there was once a time in my life when my husband Mike and I did the same. We used to be so in sync with each other. There was a time when he would’ve sensed my sadness tonight and have come right to my side and done anything to make me happy again.
Join us in celebrating the release of The Wife by S.P. Cervantes this August!
July 21-August 11: Teaser Blitz
August 18: Release Day Blast
August 17-22: Review Tour
August 23-Sept 5: Promotional Event
About the Author:
 S.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.
S.P. Cervantes is the author of the highly rated New Adult Romantic Fantasy series Secrets of Shadow Hill. “Always and Forever”, “The Prophecy”, and “War of Wizards” are available now.
S.P. Cervantes also has a contemporary romance series, A Broken Fairy Tale, “Dust to Dust”, “Wished Away” and “His Jar of Hearts” are now available.

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