Blog Tour: The Position Series By Izzy Mason

Blog Tour

The Position Series

By Izzy Mason

July 25th – Aug 5th


 Lazarus is a demanding, complicated boss

plagued with a mysterious string of lawsuits by former female assistants. I

don’t want to want him. But I do. More than anything in the world. And he

barely knows I exist. 

Just how far am I willing to go to catch his eye?

How much of myself will I give away? And exactly what’s behind the multiple

lawsuits against Lazarus? Will my new position turn out to be a hot, steamy

dream come true or just another frustrated fantasy?


This is a serial that develops over multiple volumes. Approx. 75-100 pages each. 

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I really like this storyline and the characters in total. Separately, they wouldn’t work together but they all work really well together. I like it to the point that I’m mad that I have to wait for the 5th and final book to come out. I was given the first 4 books for review and I will definitely be picking the 5th up when it comes out. I love how spunky Michaela is. She ran away from home and lived on the streets, put herself through college and is working on getting a job for architecture.She takes the old saying of “if you get knocked down, get right back up” to a whole new level. I’m not sure how I feel about Jude. Jude runs a very successful architecture firm. He is insanely hot and successful definitely but he seems conflicted to say the least.

I have tried to type out more to my review but every time I do, I give spoilers and don’t even mean to so I will leave it at this. Serial books are the bane of my existence for this exact reason; that they are never all out when I start to read a series. LOL One thing about them is that they always keep me coming back which is the point of them. I highly recommend getting these books but wait until the 5th book comes out so you don’t go crazy like I do.

5owl rating


He smiles, sets the cup down on the coffee table, and

prepares it for me. As Lazarus looks over my résumé, my stomach clenches into a

fist. In a million years I wouldn’t have expected Jude Lazarus to look at my

lame little résumé. I hold the warm cup in my hand and take the moment to study

him. There’s a small mole just under his jawbone and his eyelashes are wickedly

long. Then I catch myself and look away. What is the matter with you? You’re

not a moonyeyed teenager! What are you going to do? Print out a poster of the

guy and put it up in your locker? Get a grip! I hate feeling under the sway of

anyone. It makes me feel out of control, and out of control is very bad.

“Michaela Clark,” he reads from the header. “You sound famous already.” I smile

at the sound of him saying my name. He grins at me, sending beautiful laugh

lines around his amber eyes. Oh, fuck control. I’m in love. “You graduated

magna cum laude?” he asks without looking up. “Yes, sir,” I say, realizing

immediately how stupid I sound. He smiles again and looks up at me; the glint

is back in his eyes. “You make me feel like an old man.” “I’m sorry,” I

stammer. “I meant Mr. Lazarus.” “How about Jude?” I smile. “Okay.” “You have a

degree in architecture?” he arches his eyebrows, impressed. “And environmental

design.” He laughs and the gorgeous crinkles are around his eyes again.

“Usually my assistants are just glorified secretaries. Are you familiar with my

work?” “Are you kidding?” I stammer. “It’s why I want to work here!” Lazarus

looks at me for a moment, as if unsure whether I’m telling the truth. He leans

back in his chair. “Anything in particular?” My brain flies at a mile a minute

as I flash on all of the incredible buildings and interiors Lazarus has

designed. He watches me carefully. “Okay, that place in Marrakesh,” I blurt out

at last. “With the white marble interior? I love the upward curve of the

ceiling that invites people into the public space. It’s a culturally astute

element that speaks to the local civic values of community and purity and

social virtue. Also, it’s an aesthetic work of art.” Lazarus stares at me for a

long time. He closes the folder and tosses it onto his desk. “Why did Eva say

you weren’t qualified?” I clear my throat. “Well, we could start with the

obvious.” I look down at my damp filthy clothes. “Plus, she says you don’t hire

new graduates. That I should go get an internship somewhere. Get a little

experience.” “Oh, bullshit,” he mutters. He studies me as I sit squirming in my

chair. My heart is racing and I realize that I’m clenching my fists in

anticipation. Jude Lazarus has the power to change my life. *Oh, please. Oh,

please. Oh, please.* Finally, he nods to himself, decision made. “Frankly,

Michaela,” he says getting to his feet. “I think you were made for this


My sad, screwed up life seems to finally be

turning around when I land the position of assistant to gorgeous, famous

architect, Jude Lazarus. Desperate to catch his eye, I succumb to an epic

ugly-duckling-to-swan makeover. And boy does it work. Big time. But it also

causes Lazarus to instantly change from sweet and protective to dark,

dysfunctional, and cruel. Is having Lazarus hot for me a good thing or a fast

track to my own destruction?





Everything in my life is changing so fast. I

have a new job at a hip, boutique design firm and my very own apartment. When

A-list actor Chance Monroe flips for my design ideas for his new Denver

nightclub, it’s like I’m living a dream. If only my relationship with Jude

Lazarus wasn’t such a nightmare. Is he in love with me or just playing a cruel

game? The worst part is, no matter how much he hurts me, I just can’t seem to

let him go.


This was supposed to be heaven on Earth. I finally got the

one thing in the world I desperately wanted–my brilliant but damaged ex-boss,

Jude Lazarus. He has finally dropped the games and opened his heart to me

completely. But instead my life has become a living hell. Suddenly everything

is on the line. And the decision is mine. Which am I willing to sacrifice: my

love or my life?


I’m a San Francisco girl who writes fun, sexy, entertaining

novellas meant to take your mind off your troubles for a while. I have an

adorable husband, a fish named Frank, and a fat black cat with co-dependency






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